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Our firm is the result of more than 20 years experience of lawyer Lisiane Mehl Rocha in labor law and a strong compromise with ethics, one to one service and the search of the best solutions and outcomes for clients.

Consulting is one of the many services offered. We work directly with companies' human resources departments, auditing all of their practices and advising the team. The goal is to minimize risks of legal disputes between employers and employees.

Apart from legal counseling, we also do proofreading of legal documents, elaborate contracts, codes of conduct and craft bonus packages programs and other important elements for work relations and HR policies. The firm also promotes conferences and other events for managers about all the laws related to the field and all the actions they require.

Moreover, we work with due-diligences, detecting potential risks for proceedings and contingency analysis. This means our team is able to assess companies during processes of alienation, mergers or acquisitions.

Our firm also works both with contentious law (Lower, Regional and Supreme labor courts) and the extrajudicial organs (Ministry of Labor, Labor Prosecution Office, and mediation and arbitration chambers). In the Brazilian Supreme Labor Court, our lawyers elaborate and present oral arguments and memorials.

Collective law is also within our range of services. This means we can intermediate collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) and settlements.

In order the provide the finest services, we have partners in strategic fields, such as tax analysts, compliance specialists, consultants and professionals from occupational health and labor safety.

Our major clients are at the Brazilian state of Paraná, but it is also possible to work in other regions.

Main partner

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Lisiane Mehl Rocha

(Bar registration: OAB/PR 16.259)

Graduated in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (PUCPR) and specialized on labor law and proceedings from the Labor Magistrates Association School of Paraná (EMATRA/PR). Is a member of the Labor Lawyers Commission at Paraná's law bar (OAB/PR).

Possui mais de vinte anos de experiência na área do direito do trabalho, tendo atuado frente a sindicatos patronais (construção civil e estabelecimentos de saúde) e grandes bancas de advocacia de Curitiba.   

Has over 20 years experience in labor law, both in company unions (in the areas of civil construction and healthcare) and in Curitiba's large labor law firms. She is also experienced in oral arguments and proceedings at the highest instances of Brazil's labor law system. In addition, Lisiane has knowledge in the human resources area. More specifically, in transactional analysis AT 101 (UNAT).

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555 Doutor Carlos de Carvalho Avenue, office 94, Curitiba (Paraná). Zip code: 80.430-180.

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+ 55 41 3503.2401

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